System Backup System - Avoid Disaster

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So we done it. We have our live magento website and working on day to day basics.

My topic has to do with backup and server problems may occur. Server hard drive issue for example, how we get back from it.

I have my magento setup for a database backup every 3 days.
I get a snapshot of my server every few days and I will setup an automatic backup plan (but as far as I know this is stored to the same drive space)
I get a system backup and a media backup from magento panel and then download via Ftp to my local hard drive which I really don’t know if I ll be able to store from if server goes side ways.

What else we can do, or what precautions we can apply to avoid a disaster?

I use Akeeba Solo, takes a backup of files and database and you can set it to automatically upload to OneDrive or Google Drive. A completely hands off backup.

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