Task "Update attributes for 200 selected products": 2 item(s) have been scheduled for update. - Stuck


I have bulk updated a selection of products - it seems to do the job but the message isn’t clearing?

A quick google and it I found out that my cron job isn’t running? So i ran the command.

bin/magento cron:run
Ran jobs by schedule.

Still there thou? I kept googling but It kept pointing me back to running the cron job?

Any help appreciated

It’s not an issue I’ve run into before. But what you’ve found is the same conclusion that I would have come to. This Closed GitHub Issue suggests that there might be a delay of sorts: https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/23958. So, maybe wait it out for a little bit longer?

You can also validate if your cron is working correctly, as they’re logged in <magento>/var/log/cron.log

Its been a week :thinking:, ive just kept putting off trying to find a solution. If i figure it out ill let you know

Please, do. If I stumble across it myself (or have an epiphany) I’ll come back to you.

EDIT: Fixed the typo due to bullying :sob: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is that a Huawei Epiphone?

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I think he’s talking about the Gibson Epiphone lol :guitar:

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My old man had one of those

Glad you saw the humor though, hope Craig does as well

Im sure he will, im assume he ment “episode”? unless he did actually mean that and I have no idea was he’s talking about.

He meant epiphany.
A blinding flash of insight

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Haha yes that makes even more sense - by the way I ment episode as in his youtube videos not some kind of breakdown (this is getting worse, im going to go now)

no worries, thanks for the chuckles

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