Theme configuration and design

Hello, Craig
I woul like to ask for imformation about how i can manage my Ultino theme page design. More specificly in the product page. From where i can chane the ADD TO CARD button language and design. I would also like to revome some of the information that is there by default and add another one. How can i change the design of the customized options menu for color (for instance) if i have choosen chechbox can i modify the selestion menu by changing its size and colorfills. I wouls also like to change the languade of the buttons. I have been looking for a statick block that controls these things but i couldnt find one. !

All in all i will be gratefull about as many information about costomising these particular page.

Another question i wondered is how can i manage the information customers have to fill when they order or register in my online store. Because by default too many things are required i would like to make it a little simple and reduce the fields that people havo to fill with unessesary about me information.
Sorry about the veeeery long message but like i said i am new to magento. Thanks a lot for your cooperation :slight_smile:

Hi @AYankova.

The translation system in Magento 2 is known as Internationalization (i18n). It’s quite a heavy topic to explain in a post. Luckily, you can learn more about it in the Official Magento Documentation (Translations Overview).

Changing the styling on the Frontend depends on your Theme. Some themes enable limited changes from within the backend (refer to the theme documentation). Where as others will require you to put your CSS skills to work. What you’re asking for is a pretty basic CSS tasks. You can find out more applying CSS to a theme by checking out the Official Magento 2 Documentation (Cascading Style Sheets).

(If you’re still stuck after reading the documentation, please post a more detailed post about your issue.)

In order to amend the customer information required during customer registration, check your settings under Stores > Configuration > Customers > Customer Configuration