Tier Prices for customer groups

Here’s my setup currently. M1 with roughly 40k SKU’s, and 4 customer groups.
Currently 3 customer groups get a shopping cart discount at checkout.

However, it’s not always obvious that the shopping cart discount will be applied and it’s also not so attractive to have the full price displayed to the customers who will get the shopping cart discount.

The easy solution is to have a catalog price rule for 3 of the customer groups. This would show the lower prices in the front end. Full prices would only be shown to non logged in customers. Where this falls down is for tiered prices… If I have 20k products with Tier prices for 10 quantity and 50 quantity that would be 20,000 X 4 X 2 = 160,000 Tier Prices, I currently have roughly 40k tier prices. Importing this number of Tier Prices is easy with Magmi, but it’s not very elegant, and maintaining that number would be a headache to say the least!

In short does anybody have any ideas how I might apply 1 tier price to many customer groups? I can either apply a Tier Price to all groups or to 1 group individually so far as I can tell. Sadly I can’t use an extension that applies a percentage discount as every tier price isn’t a set percentage cheaper.

Woah… That’s a lot of products and prices. I bet Indexing takes a while!

Can you clarify a few points so that I can get my head around your setup/problem a little better, please?

You say that “Currently 3 customer groups get a shopping cart discount at checkout”.

  • Is this using the M1 Shopping Cart feature?
  • Does each SKU have its own price discounted price or is it always a set % based on the Customer Group? For example:
    • Customer Group 1 = No discount
    • Customer Group 2 = 5% Off subtotal
    • Customer Group 3 = 10% Off subtotal
    • Customer Group 4 = 15% Off subtotal

You say that “The easy solution is to have a catalog price rule for 3 of the customer groups… this falls down is for tiered prices…”.

  • Are you already using Tiered Pricing alongside Shopping Cart Discount - Or are you saying, that you’re thinking about starting to use it in order to help solve your problem?

From what I can ascertain from your post (until you clear up the aforementioned questions) is that All of your prices / calculations are already in Magento which all works fine. However, the issue is that You want to display the Products Price per Customer Group on the frontend?

If this is the case, then you could solve this by applying what rules you use in the Shopping Cart as a PHP calculation on the Frontend based on what Customer Group they are currently logged in as. So, you’d essentially be saying…

If logged in user belongs to Customer Group 1, then display original price
If logged in user belongs to Customer Group 2, then display the price less 5%
If logged in user belongs to Customer Group 3, then display the price less 10%
If logged in user belongs to Customer Group 4, then display the price less 15%

This would be calculated by the theme in PHP so that clever customers couldn’t see the calculation rules in the course code. And obviously this would only work if you’re discounts are based on a general % Off as opposed to curated prices.

Not sure if this makes any sense. But I can’t answer your original question of “any ideas how I might apply 1 tier price to many customer groups” as I’m not aware of such extensions.

Not logged in = No discount
Group1 = 50% discount
Group 2 = 50% discount
Group 3 = 50% discount
The reason we have the groups 1-3 is for EU VAT rules. Depending which country the customer is from depends on what Group they get automatically assigned to. (this functionality is handled fine by an extension) The cart discount is just a standard M1 shopping cart discount. Each product has one price, the 50% discount is just applied at cart level if the customer belongs to groups 1-3.

We use tier pricing already. 2 tiered prices (a 10 quantity price and a 50 quantity price). We don’t need tier prices per customer group as the discount is only given in the cart not at product level.

The reason I want to use a catalog rule is so that each customer knows right away what they will be paying, they won’t have to look at their basket to see their discount. The problem this gives is that I will then need a tier price for every customer group (4) and 2 tier prices per product. That would be 8 tier prices per product! A solution would be a base tier price, and then working off of that with percentages for each customer group.

Hope that clears it up a little? What seems like such a simple problem really takes some explaining!

Reindexing does take a while, I do it from the command line to stop the browser timing out.

May be you can use an extension that allows setting up price ranges for each customer group rather than applying a set percentage discount.