Traffic isn't automatically routed to HTTPS

I have installed SSL Cert using the same way that you did in the video. Let Magento do the https redirection, but only chrome doesn’t force https. any suggestion?

HTTPS isn’t normally enforced per browser. The following settings should look like this, to enforce HTTPS within Magento:

Stores > Configuration > General > Web

Base URLs

  • Base URL =
  • Base Link URL = Use system value [check box]

Secure Base URLs

  • Secure Base URL =
  • Secure Base Link URL = Use system value [check box]
  • Use Secure URLs on Storefront = Yes
  • Use Secure URLs in Admin = Yes

These are my configuration, but still when I browse only from Chrome doesn’t force https. all other browsers are working fine.

It could be a cache thing. However, a quick fix is simply to change:

  • Base URL = so that it says “https://

Thanks a lot.
I have another question. I’m not sure if you have this before. I have created an admin user made for shipping integration, but I need to explode this from MFA. is it possible?

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