Unable to progress to run Install script chapter 8

Hi, I am not able to progress from the point where we get to run the Magento Installation Script. I used the example template and changed the values where appropriate, press enter but doesn’t move. stayed there. I tried to restart, log out, even waited till next day… Am I missing a command or variable? It remains in >
I’ll appreciate if someone could help.

Could you post screenshot as well, error log too.


I have deleted everything already sorry, won’t be able to screenshot, but I am going to try to do all the steps one more time from beginning, this time I am not going to downgrade composer lets see if works. I’ll keep you updated

You have to downgrade composer or up-grade the different packages.

Also make sure all your accounts with the usernames match thier passwords.


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And avoid using quotations or apostrophes in passwords, otherwise the field will confuse the character as the end/start of the password.

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