Unable to SFTP to Magento via eMagicOne


I am using software from eMagicOne to admin magento control panel through desktop application. it helps to submit bulk orders and inject it directly to the Magento server.

i can’t connect with the server which i done. i have used GCP. and i have setup the firewall from GCP admin but still unable to access the magento site through this little software.

I had a similar problem with using that - i gave up thou (im short on time), probably worth trying one of the other connection types if you can’t find a solution.

Trying all the day for that for all ways they needs some kind of FTP connectivity.
the bridge php file works perfectly but still unable to make mass changes to anything related to photos because it requires FTP access.

Hi @anas and welcome.

“Connection time out” is usually caused by an issue making a connection:

  1. outside the device (i.e. windows) or
  2. into the device (i.e. server)

Albeit, if you can already connect using something like Filezilla from the same device then it’s got to be related to eMagicOne. Maybe the application needs whitelisting in Windows Firewall?

eMagicOne isn’t something I’ve ever attempted to use before, so I don’t have any troubleshooting experience with it. Judging by your screenshot, everything looks spot-on. The Store root directory value suggests that you’ve got Magento installed in that folder. Normally, I’d expect to see something like “/var/www/html/”. But even if it was wrong, you’d still be able to make a connection before getting to that point.

Sorry I couldn’t add any more value.

they just updated their eMagic software and now i can connect perfectly using their magento module. but still trying to find solutions about FTP access.

It is okay… you are already an amazing person. without you i would never be able to setup magento from scratch. i watched your video maybe 10 times to understand every single statement inside. i learned allot from it. a big thank you.

i can connect to Filzilla using FTP. but can’t using eMagicOne. which here i should point to eMagicOne as it is the faulty software. but the problem is i am unable also to see the directory list using google chrome if i enter the address: ftp://xx.xxx.xxx.xxx… google chrome keep asking for username/password but never show anything related to files and directory.

when i configure the FTP server i remember somewhere i have set the “magento” user which you teach us that it is the user of magento root folder. i used the same user and assign the: “server ip/var/www/html/magentofolder” as a home directory for that user to upload/download files. so i think FTP server should give me the level of sight from that place. also i am afraid that user play somewhere and miss with my hardly configured server.

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Generally, I only ever SFTP as the connection is more secure than conventional FTP. However, I don’t think you can SFTP via a browser (e.g. sftp://xx.xxx.xxx.xxx) - I could be wrong.

If you want to be able to access the server via FTP (instead of SFTP), then you’ll need to open the port, which isn’t normally whitelisted by default. Ideally, when you open the port, you should really restrict connections to certain IP addresses.

A good secure firewall should ideally allow access by exception. For example, noone is allowed in unless you’re name is on the list. Obviously, this doesn’t really apply to Port 80 or 443 as these are public www connections.