Upgrade error in magento 2.4.1 after deploying sample data

can anyone help with this error which i get during magento upgrade after deploying sample data:

Unable to apply data patch Magento\CatalogRuleSampleData\Setup\Patch\Data\InstallCatalogRuleSampleData for module Magento_CatalogRuleSampleData. Original exception message: Rolled back transaction has not been completed correctly.

There is a bug.

To install sample data, first stop your crons:

bin/magento cron:remove

Then do your install.

Hope this helps,


Thanks. My work around qas to uninstall the module.

However, I will try your solution above.

Hello, I am having the sam problem, and disabling cron did not work for me. Can you help me?

bin/magento module:uninstall --remove-data --clear-static-content Magento_CatalogRuleSampleData Magento_SalesRuleSampleData

.I used the above command if the remove cron does not work. It seems to be a bug as sometimes the upgrade will work with no issue. Also check your compser version

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