Upgrading Server Components to latest supported versions

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I trust all is well.

While we all know the latest version of Magento is 2.4.x, Like you said on your review video, there are most likely a number of us out there who do not want to jump to this version, for any number of reasons.

Do you have a video or plan to release guide on maintaining version 2.3.5 and all the server components to the latest versions? For example, PHP to 7.3.x, (7.4 Not Supported?) Elasticsearch, etc, etc. The idea being, these versions of Magento are as close as possible to 2.4.0 standards, so when the day does come, hopefully it makes the upgrade a bit simpler?


  1. Great question :+1:
  2. Excellent point :+1:
  3. I’ll give it some thought and produce something in the coming weeks/month :thinking: Essentially, I guess it’ll be a “Part 2” of the 2.3.5 installation video.
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Next week YouTube video will cover this topic. However, my research indicates that it won’t be as simple as we hope.

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