Upgrading to magento 2 - Costs?

What would be a ball park figure for upgrading from magento 1.9 to magento 2?

I have had two quotes so far. Both are coming in at around £5000, which to me seems excessive. These quotes are only for the upgrade. I did not request design work or installation of a theme to be included. The only extension i use is m2e pro.

Can anyone recommend someone who is able to perform an upgrade from magento 1 to 2?

Hi Davroid, welcome to the community :smiley:

I’ll step in here and try to address your question. I might end up rambling though… :smirk:

The word on the street
I’ve been asked this one a few times this year, so I’ve heard a few quotes come in. I think so far, the people I’ve spoken to have quoted anywhere between $25,000-$40,000 (£33,000-£52,000). And honestly, I thought those prices were shockingly expensive.

From the horse’s mouth
From my own personal experience, I can tell you that Migrating our M1 store to M2 has probably been a year long project that we undertook in-house. I can’t go into numbers, but you can probably estimate the minimum that might cost a business in wages. However, the reason why the project has taken so long is because our store is highly bespoke (more on that later).

Premium costs for goods and services…
One thing that has been clear to me over the past couple of years is that Magento 2 solutions are pretty high in price (when you compare them to Magento 1). The big names are charging a lot of money for services and extensions. Not only is this a bit crappy for people like you and I but it’s also opening up a gap in the market for shoddy solutions. I’m not saying that all “budget” solutions are poor in quality or service, but in my experience that’s mostly been the case.

Until the big names start to become more competitive with one-another as the Magento 2 space grows, I think we have to expect to pay the higher fees for now.

Why Magento 1 can’t actually be "upgraded"
I apologise if I sound patronising at this point, but I’m not sure on your technical expertise. So if I over explain anything or point out the obvious I’m sorry.

So, Magento 1 and Magento 2 are fundamentally completely different platforms with some similarities. I guess the similarities are surface deep. Whilst the guts of the platform are very different. Albeit the changes under-the-hood are definitely for the better as it promises more stability, this means more longevity and cheaper maintenance costs.

Because you can’t “upgrade” Magento from 1 to 2, you actually have to rebuild the website from scratch. This is because none of the previous extensions or themes are compatible with one-another because of those under-the-hood changes I referrenced.

You mention that your only extension is m2epro (I had such a nightmare trying to make that work with M1 with the stock control). That’s great because it simplifies the rebuild loads.

If you’re currently using a theme that has a version for M2 then you’re also in luck. If it’s a bespoke theme then that’ll need rebuilding to work with M2. However, if the theme doesn’t bother you then M2 comes with a free stock theme anyway.

The basic process you might expect
Roughly speaking, these are the steps/challenges I would expect an “upgrade service” to offer:

  1. Install/Setup Magento 2 (this might have to be on a new server*)
  2. All products/sales/customer/settings data exported and imported to M2 (can be quite tricky)
  3. Extensions installed (easy if M2 versions already exist)
  4. Theme installed/rebuilt (Easy if using M2 version of current theme or stock)
  5. Launch (complexity depends on step 1)

*M1 and M2 might not be able to run on the same web server due to OS service incompatibilities. This means that the final stage of the upgrade might need your domains DNS to be updated to the new server.

Hopefully, I’ve not made you wish you hadn’t asked the question by now. And that I’ve added some insight to your question. If this company has offered to take you through the minimum of those aforementioned steps then I’d be very tempted by the quote you’ve received. However, if you don’t care about both the data import and the theme then I’d definitely expect to pay less as this is where much of the time can get eaten up.

Anyway, feel free to ask any follow-up questions. I know I’ve laid it on thick :no_mouth:


Have you re-platform yet?
Was the process of migrating eBay listing using M2E Pro extension difficult?
Have you lost any historical listing data? I don’t want to relist my products again as they are set Goods Till Cancel and highly ranked.

We are still using M1 but we need to prepare for re-platforming to M2. We mainly sell on marketplaces using M2E Pro. If you find some time to share your experience with re-platforming it would be great.

Thank you.


I have not yet made the leap. I was shocked at the quotes i received for re-platforming.

Thank you for your responce.

I did most of the work bymayself. It isn’t bespoke design. The shop is based on ultimo theme.

With regardg to quates I know what you are talking about. I used to use Polish developers £8-£10p/h but these days gone long time ago. They grow big and don’t want to touch small businesses and if so at £20-£30p/h. Still cheaper that in UK £40-60p/h.

Once I approach an Indian company but they were incredably pushy and I gave up.

Anyway, in prabably next 4-5 months I will have to re-platform. I’ll let you know how it went. Especialay M2E Pro. These guys offer a support so hopefuly it won;t be very painfull.


Hi Davroid,

Do you sell on Amzon using M2E Pro?