URL suffix for catalog or product

In the catalog and products, the link does not end with “/”. It is necessary that the view was domen.com/catalog rather than domen.com/catalog/ . How to do it ? When you enable “/” in the admin panel Category URL Suffix stops working the Infinite Scroller.

Typically, the recommended option for a URL would to end in “.html” - Which I believe has a positive affect on SEO. Such as: domain.com/product.html.

To change the suffix to something else, this can be achieved in Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Search Engine Optimization


I know. But I need a “/”. If I change to “/” Infinite Scroller it stops working.

That sounds like an issue for the Infinite Scroll provider to resolve, if changing a basic setting in Magento breaks their module. Sound like their module doesn’t look out for the “/” suffix. Might be a bug or a feature you can request.