What do you use to develop your Magento store?

I figured that I’d create this post to both share what I use and get a better understanding of what everyone else uses.

This is my goto toolkit for everyday tasks

  • Notepad++ - My goto text editor when I need something lite and quick to edit/write code
  • Putty - My goto application for SSH
  • Filezilla - My goto application for FTP
  • GitHub - I’ve only really started using this properly in the last 12 months to track my code changes.
  • PhpStorm** - A super-powerful application for developing code (I’ve barely untapped its potential)
  • Adobe CC - Used all the time for a variety of graphical tasks
  • Chrome - I used the developer tools everyday

**If anyone has any tips on how to use PhpStorm properly, I’d love to know!

I’d also love to know what tools you use to create your Magento/eCommerce store.