What is a proper backup?

Hi all Magento-fans :slight_smile:
My server host is charging for backup of the site, and also if its needed to restore the site from the backup its expensive. What can I do myself as a proper backup without paying extra fees?
Read: I mean, if I for example aiming to install an extension but it goes down the rabbithole and I need to restore the site as it was before. How can I ensure this by backing up the site myself?

Since I am not a full-developed developer, I need to try it to see if I can manage the installation and I am not sure I will. So thats why I am asking :slight_smile:

Craig wrote in an earlier post:

Blockquote I haven’t done a video on backups, because the “How-to” part is totally different with each Web Host. But the general schedule I use is as follows in a Production Environment:
Daily Database Backups
Daily Incremental File Backups
Weekly Image Backups (AKA Snapshots)
And these take place during low-traffic hours in order to minimise disruption. And then I’ll do manual backups in both a Production and Development environment each time I:
Run an upgrade
Make any big changes

But the problem is that I dont know how to do the above! Please advice.

The server host I have also recommended me to do my own backup without their fee, they recommended through mysqldump och rsync.
What does this mean practically?

I think this might be a question more of you guys are facing as well so I hope this issue and solution can be read of many of you :slight_smile: So thank you in advance for all help!

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Hey @MAIA1, good question and one that I will do my best to clarify here - So, that you’re able to make an educated decision on what you think you need.

I hope this images makes some sense. I might have to update it in the future…

These can be done by you at anytime without the help of anyone else:

  • Daily Database Backup: This could be as simply as running a Magento Backup of the Database
  • Daily Incremental File Backups: This could be as simply as running a Magento Backup of the Code

These normally require a Web Host that offers this specific service:

  • Weekly Image Backups: This is when a backup is made of the entire server (if you have a Cloud/VPS/Dedicated). If you use Shared Hosting, you probably won’t be able to do this. However, they might offer something similar (usually at a price).

A Magento Backup is useful if you are only making changes to your Magento Software or Magento Database. These backups are stored on the Web Server.

If something catastrophic happened to the server then you’d lose everything.

A “Snapshot” / Full Server Backup will backup EVERYTHING contained within it (inc Magento). You’d typically run these if you’re about to make some major changes to the Operating System or Applications. For example, I would run this if I were about to Upgrade PHP or even the Operating System itself. Typically, these backups are stored somewhere else. I also use these when I run a Magento upgrade, but that isn’t necessary - I just like to use extra precautions.

So, if something catastrophic happened, you could restore from a backup.

I fear that I may have complicated matters, by trying to explain them :thinking: So, feel free to ask questions. Also, if you tell me your host then I may be able to shed some additional light on the matter by “translating their terminology”.

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Wow Craig! I am so impressed by your ability to share your knowledge. Now I understand what the web host means. They mean that I can backup the green boxes, database and software by myself. But if something goes down (in my case we are trying to install Klarna as you know from an older discussionthread :joy: ) they charge a fee for the Full Server Backup and also charge for the restore if needed.

So my questions are:
Can I proceed a Full Server Backup myself and store it on a external memory drive? (the webhost wrote me a tips about mysqldump och rsync ?? ) Please let me know how to do this.

If I proceed a backup only with the software and database, can I use these backups for a restore as well? Please let me know how to do this.

Have a nice day, so thankful for your guidance.


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Ah, good. I was worried that I wasn’t making sense.

The simple answer would be “no”. It would be like trying to copy everything on your PC Hard Drive to another External HDD and expecting it to boot up Windows when you plug it into another computer.

rsync and mysqldump will only help you backup the Green Boxes.

Whenever you backup anything in the Green Boxes, you can copy/move them anywhere and they would work (so long as the Web Server is configured correctly). In simple terms, it’s like moving house and taking your sofa with you. As long as the sofa fits in the new house, you’re fine.

I really appreciate your ever-day-normal-explanations like the House and Sofa. Thank you. In this case its nothing else than biting the bullet and pay the server company. Thank you for the clarification :pray:

No problem. One day you just might thank yourself for paying for the service. Then it’ll all be worth it :slight_smile:

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