What is the best 5 layered navigation and one step checkout extensions for Magento 2.3?

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I would be happy if you shared your experience and opinion this topic.
I am looking for the best options for them.
layered navigation and one step checkout

Great question. I wish I could provide you with a definitive answer.

Layered Navigation
My only experience with Layered Navigation modules in Magento 2 is Layered Navigation by Mageplaza. I was first introduced to it when I purchased the Porto theme, which came with a very stripped down version of it.

We’ve made some slight tweaks to that version for our own use. However, I’m considering on upgrading to the Professional version later this year for the extra features. Overall, I’m happy with it and have no reason to research alternatives.

One Step Checkouts
Where do I start… My experience with OSC solutions for both M1 and M2 have been disappointing. One of those reasons being quite specific to my projects though. The final steps of a checkout can be very personal to a company. For us, our requirements were very specific so we customised ours quite heavily after purchasing it.

One of the problems I’ve faced when dealing with OSC solutions is that they don’t “guarantee” that their products will work with other products. So, when you run into an issue that’s specific to your setup they tend to be like “Oh, that’s too bad”. Anyway, during my research these were my shortlisted options:

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It took months to work out which one to go with. My final decision on the OSC Solution came down to “Which of these solutions will be easier to customise for my needs?”. There was nothing particularly “wrong” with the others.

I should also mention, that to this day I still have a compatibility issue between the Mageplaza OSC and Ebizmarts SagePaySute Pro. Neither want to help and both palm off the issue to each other.

Not sure if this answer helps at all. Hopefully, someone else can weigh in on the subject.

Thank you for sharing your experience, as a developer I have tested and seen almost all these extensions and can relate to what you are saying all too well. We are still in the early days of Magento 2 so till we get to the Magento 2.9.x the same story with M1 is gonna repeat itself.

If you add Elastic extensions to the mix everything gets so much worse! Even the most popular extensions have conflict issues. E.g. Mirasvit Elastic and Amasty Layered Navigation.

You can check Magento 2 one step checkout extension and Magento 2 layered navigation extensions offered by Webkul. I found both the extension useful and fulfill all my needs.

You can try the MageAnts Magento 2 Layered Navigation extension it will surely help with your store