What is the way to add new shipping methods new price in different expressions?

Thank you very much because I learned a lot and owe a lot to you. thanks YOU brother.
I have something very difficult which is the different shipping methods…I was very surprised that it was not in Magento, by default, because it is necessary and inevitable, and I, as a previous user of OpenCart, is more flexible in that and there is already flexibility in adding countries and their different pricing .
I am now in a different country other than America, England, or others … I want to add cities according to my country and add a different rate of shipment to each city … What is the solution to that?


I use Amasty Shipping Table Rates for Magento 2

There are quite a few extensions like this.


You can find my recommendation here: Custom shipment per vendor


There are many extensions available in the market. Try this Magento 2 shipping table rates extension. By using of this extension, you can easily add new shipping methods with different expressions.