While changing the password form the my account page User group changed to default customer group

I started to realize this now that my site is live. customers were imported from M1 with their respective groups and asked to change their passwords.
all the sudden they are not in their groups they were setup already. So I tested my test user. it was in Early access group, + changed the password > got change to default group…
the weird thing is if I from admin side send my user :reset password email it stays in the right group.

I found these and it says it should have been resolved in previous versions of M2 but I have the altest version.

am not 100% how to apply the fix or if I should :frowning:

Fixed. Edit file:

File: Magento\Customer\Model\CustomerExtractor

First line:

$isGroupIdEmpty = !isset($allowedAttributes['group_id']);

Change to:

$isGroupIdEmpty = !isset($customerData['group_id']);

Thanks for letting us know. Be sure to create an override module for that and not change the core code. Otherwise your changes will be wiped in the next update.