Widget entries in database tables.......?

I wasn’t really sure what to title this thread. I swear I created a few widgets to display blocks on my home page and footer, but for the life of me I just can’t figure out how I displayed these items so I went diggin in the db to see what I could find. I did search the code for the block identifiers and did not find anything, so that pretty much tells me it should be a widget or input directly as a block in a “content section”.

Long story short, I see no entries in the following tables:

the fourth widget related table DOES have data though (3 entries, and I think that’s all I had created for widgets but it is hard to remember):

to me, that says that maybe something happened to those first three tables and the widgets are actually being generated in the magento content due to the last table having the necessary data. I just find it strange. I did have to run some sql commands when removing the porto install, so I suppose it is possible it cleaned those tables and I never realized until now.

I’m just kind of curious if all of those tables should have the same amount of entries. If so, I should probably try to create some new widgets and clear the “cobweb” entries.

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