Admin settings don't save ( does not reload on save)

i have migrated this magento 1.9 server to magento 2.
Mostly successfully.
So my problem is this:
normally in the admin panel you press the save button, the page reloads and everything is ok.
In “Stores>Settings>Configuration>Customers>Customer Configuration” when i click the save button there is no reload. I press the save button and the page scrolls up and nothing else happens.
This only happens only there, other setting pages save normally.

Now i have tried all the cache clearing etc and what is recommended here.

any help would be much appreciated.

thank you in advance.

Check your Browsers Inspect Element tool (Network Tab) for any errors. It may be indicating that some files are returning a 404. Let us know what you find.

I get the solution to this problem. If anyone faces this problem,

Require to remove var/page_cache and var/session folder. After saving the configuration, you can able to see changes in the admin panel.
And it’s working properly.

@loopyNid already ran the following:

the admin panel seems to not show errors on save.
you can only see the errors if the right “subcategory” is expanded.

in my case the the online interval was empty and it didn’t like that although it says: “Leave empty for default (15 minutes).”

so for the future if the save button seems to do nothing expand everything click save and check if anything is red.

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