Introduce yourself (and your project)

I’d love to hear about you and your Magento project.

  • Are you already a Magento 1 user, looking to brush up your Magento 2 skills?
  • Are you a developer or entrepreneur looking to start your own online store?

I’ll start… So I started using Magento 1 more than 5 years ago, working as a Web Development Manager for a FTSE 100 company. Now, I work elsewhere whilst project managing a Magento 2 build. And as you know, on the side I try to help the Digital Startup Community reach their goals :slight_smile:

My name is Mark and I am currently in the middle of installing and setting up a Magneto 2 multi-store for 2 related companies.

I have no previous experience with Magento (other than a quick look at an ageing Magento 1 store that was setup and maintained by someone else).

I attended an eCommerce exhibition at the NEC at the end of March (which was very mind boggling) and so far have managed to install Magento 2, configure a multi-store setup and transfer an existing domain to make one of the stores live.

I am currently working to make the second store live within the next week.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Craig for the information that he has provided so far (it’s really helped in building my confidence and enabled a ‘somewhat’ speedy development).

Hey Mark. You’ve been dropping comments in the YouTube Channel for a while now, glad to have you with us :smiley:

I’d like to think that anyone in your position (new to Magento 2) can pick up Magento 2 a bit easier with the help of the videos I put out. Fair play for tackling a Multi-Store Setup, those can take a while to get your head around as you set them up.

Good luck with the remainder of your project!

My name is Roger.

Working on setting up a Magento 2 store for my small on-line automotive parts company. Having several issues, main one is getting Magento up and running with all the cron jobs, PHP settings and versions, etc.on a Synology NAS. Then the next issue is understanding how to set up stores, categories and products in a logical way in order to have multiple attributes. Probably saying that wrong, but the product line has multiple products in several broad categories and each product has a number of options. Those product categories are then also spread across a number of different makes and models of vehicles. Would like to have all that accessible by the product category, type of vehicle, etc. Also trying to figure out how to set that up with groupings of products that may go together to make that easy for a customer to add that group of items to a shopping cart. I guess what I’m having a hard time with is how to set up the framework of stores, catalogs, categories, products and attributes in Magento first in order to facilitate all that.

Hey Roger! Glad to see you over hear.

Sorry for making you register twice (main site and this one). I tried to jimmy the 2 databases together somehow, but I just ended up breaking stuff. So I added Social Login features to make it a little less painful.

I’ve never worked on a NAS before, you must be a very patient man to work through those issues :smiley:

Sounds like you’ve got quite the project going on. Reminds me of something like this. Planning of the products at an early level is going to be super crucial, as I’m sure you’re more than aware of. If you even want to bounce any thoughts and ideas around it, feel free to start your own post :+1:

Yes, I found a Magento add-on that is supposed to do this sort of thing like your link. I need to see if I can get that installed once I get over the Magento setup on the NAS. I think I may have enough of the cron tasks working on their own. Next step is getting all that on an automated background task. Then will need to see if the System Upgrade tool is happy with my setup to allow me to continue.

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My name is Liz I work for a small but growing company. I am currently working on a M2 site for the wholesale side of the business which I hope to make multi store. I tried multi store in 1.9 and for the life of me could not get it to work so I very much hope it will be easier this time. This is the second M2 site I have created and I am learning all the time. For info all 3 of our Magento sites use the Ultimo theme, I have tried many other themes but for me none can compare with how configurable Ultimo is and in my experience most extensions will work with it and any issues are normally quite easily over come.

Figuring out SSH / Client Commands was a big thing for me, in 1.9 everything can be done in the back end so it took me a while to get my head around that. I am not a coder but have been in the IT industry for many years so know enough to try and figure most things out but some stuff I just cannot get my head around so I am a big fan of video tutorials. I loved your Let’s Build tutorial Craig, admittedly I didn’t learn much having done it a few times now but it gave me the confidence that I was doing it right (well mostly). I did learn a great thing about search and attributes which helped me fix the hideous search results we were getting on the M1 site so I was very grateful for that.

Going forward all our sites will be on Magento 2, we have 1 M1 site and 3 other sites on a very old and highly patched version of Oscommerce, they are so out of date now but I am one person and its a slow process to migrate the entire business.

Tutorials I would like to see … I have never created an extension but would like to know how and I would love to know how to create a child theme of Ultimo, I have tried and failed :frowning: I feel its not difficult but I just can’t seem to get the folders in the right place.

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Hey Liz. Great to have you with us! :grinning:

I moved away from an M1.7 Multi-Store (3) website last year, which utilised 3 separate themes. Let’s just say, I’m glad I’m only working on an M2 Single-Store setup now. I do believe that the Multi-Store setup for M2 should be a little easier now depending on how exactly you want to set it up.

Ultimo is by Infortis who also make Fortis. I’ve tried both themes and I agree, the documentation and settings are pretty good compared to a majority of other options out there. They’re definitely worth the small price to pay in the long run.

Yeah, SSH can be pretty intimidating. You don’t really need to use it in M2, but completing some backend tasks like Indexing and Upgrading is far quicker in my opinion - Especially during development. I also use it a lot to quickly find file names or specific code in files using the grep command. I’ve got a series planned on SSH in the near future, which I’m hoping makes a good reference point for people who need an introduction or refresh their memory. I’m glad you found the search results tip of use, it catches most people out.

Last year, I had to build a child theme for M2 Porto. I then stripped it down and shared it with a member of the community in the same boat as yourself. I’ll link it here if you want to reverse engineer it for your purposes. I might cover it in more depth via a video soon as this seems to be a hurdle for most. Let me know if you’re still struggling and I’ll find some time to build an Ultimo one this weekend.

Again, it’s great to have you with us. Feel free to use this site to ask questions, share what you’ve learned or simply vent your frustration :grin:

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Hi everyone, my name is Stuart and I found this site through Craig’s YouTube channel. Will be great to kick some ideas and problems around with others, hopefully I can help as well as be helped!

I’ve been working with Magento for around 4 years now. I have a large site in the jewellery/gemstone industry. It’s currently running on M1.9 but I am in the process (early stages) of planning it’s migration over to M2. This is inevitable, so can’t put it off any longer! Currently we have around 40,000 products, and around 5000 registered customers, so getting everything migrated over is going to be a challenge!

We currently run on Ultimo, but I want to adopt a “less is more” approach this time round, so will look at using the standard Luma template and trying to get that to work for us. I want to apply the same approach to extensions in M2 as well and only install what is absolutely necessary. Too many times in M1 I found myself installing extensions for ‘nice to have’ features, and then carrying a whole load of bloat and possible conflicts longer term.

I will be looking at replacements for Magmi as this is something I rely on massively on an almost daily basis. It’s not a deal breaker if we can’t keep it, but it saves me hours and hours creating/updating products every week.

There look to be some useful additions/changes in M2 so I am looking forward to digging a little deeper with those. If updates and patches are easier too that’ll be great. I’m hoping the days of updates and patches breaking something are over…!

Hi Stuart, welcome :grinning:

Glad to see that you’re taking the time to do your research on the migration. It is definitely something of a daunting task with plenty of challenges along the way.

I can totally relate to the issue of running too many extensions and couldn’t agree more about the “less is more” mentality.

I never implemented Magmi on any M1 builds, but I can say that the default Import/Export functions have improved massively in M2 now. Albeit, you still might need to use a 3rd party tool to enhance its capabilities.

And yes, updating Magento (inc modules) are so much easier now. Gone are the days of Magento site breaking because an update failed to install. Man, I used to dread doing updates so bad. Especially, with so many customisations and modules.

I look forward to seeing you around the forum. Feel free to start a new post/diary to update us on your experiences and what-not. I tend to hang around here (even what I’m not posting videos), so I’ll always try to chip in if you have any questions.

Good luck :+1:

Hi all,

I’m Jon, currently in the middle of setting up an online supermarket.

This is a great site with lots of insight.

Thanks v much!!

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Hey @Jonathan_Gillmor, welcome to the community.

Feel free to ask questions or share your experiences here. I always try to check in at least once a day.

See you around :grinning:


Hi I’m Marc, I have no clue about Magento yet :smiley: A few friends of mine and myself are interested in opening a hobby webshop as a way to finance our small club, and since I studied computer science they thought it would be a great idea to get me do the job. I thought it would be a pain in the [some part of my body], but it turned out to be very easy thanks to Craig’s videos :smiley: I don’t know if Magento is the right shop I need, but I read in some forums that it can do almost everything, the community version is free (and open source?), and it’s multilingual (I live in a country where we have several official languages, this is one of the points that convinced me to chose Magento - while the most important was Craig’s video, cause I thought “let’s try a shop, doesn’t matter which one”, and since he talks so clearly and explains each step greatly, I thought “that’s it”). I don’t know if we want to have a hoster for it or if I want to host it by myself, my company has lots of old servers I can use, but that’s detail. Installing and running Magento is the easiest part I bet. Mapping business processes (that do not exist yet :-D) is going to be the more difficult… See you soon :wink:

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Hey @marc, great to have you with us. With reference to Magento, I’ve been where you are and I know how intimidating it can be at first. Feel free to share your experiences, ask for help or help others. But you’re right, installing/setting up Magento is probably much easier than running a profitable online business at the end of the day :grin:

Good luck :+1:

Hello there,
My name is Hassen
and this is my first time using Magento
i currently finished installing 2.3 by reading and following your article Craig, great article by the way.
and my project is just trying to learn and understand magento and i want to do that within the next week or so.
I am kind of a developer
i learned everything except React and my JavaScript skills are horrible lol
just gotta keep practicing

Welcome @great,

Magento 2 is a beast. It’s super-powerful, but has a really big learning curve. There is plenty to learn. But both using and developing Mageto isn’t always about knowing the answer… It’s about having the skills to solve problems by knowing where to look.

If it was easy, Digital Startup wouldn’t exist. Good luck with your project :+1:

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Hi, My name is Bill and I stumbled upon this site via your YouTube channel.

I used to work in the web industry, but haven’t completed any projects in almost 7 years. My brother is in need of an ecommerce site and so I’ve offered to help set him up a M2 site. It seems like a steep learning curve again, lol.

I hope to get plenty of use from your videos and other docs and contribute on the forums where I can.



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Hey @billyweb, welcome to the community :grin:

Regardless of the time it’s been since you were in the web industry, I’m sure it’ll all come back to you in no-time. You’re right, Magento comes with a steep learning curve but I’m sure you’ll pick it up quick enough.

I look forward to seeing you around in the forum.

Good luck with your project :+1: