Magento 2.3.0 Now Available

Hello and Happy New Year Craig!

I installed and reinstall Magento 2.3 several times and I can do it almost with my eyes closed.
Joking. I need to refer to your video.

At the end of Magento installation, there is a message suggesting that for security I should remove write permission from directories /var/www/html/app/etc.

I know it is maybe a very silly and easy for many of you question but can you advise what exactly I need to do.

I think I need to change chmos to 555 but can you kindly confirm.
Thank you.


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Cool. Doing it over and over again is how I also learned. And even then, I still refer to my own article :wink:

You’re absolutely correct. I don’t do this when working in Developer Mode in case I need to change something during development - Plus, the Magento installations aren’t public whilst in development. But if you were go launch the site, it would be a good idea to follow the advice.

555 should be sufficient. You could do this in FileZilla (as per your screenshot). Alternatively, via SSH (assuming you’re in the magento root directly and logged in as the magento user:

chmod 555 app/etc/ (Read only the Folder)
chmod -R 555 app/etc/ (Read only the Folder and content)

I can’t remember which it tells you to do. I think it’s just the Folder. I wrote both commands just in case.

Thank you very much Craig.


Hello Craig,

Magento 2.3 displays this message in notifications:
“Deprecation Notice
Catalog Search is currently configured to use the MySQL engine, which has been deprecated. Consider migrating to one of the Elasticsearch engines now to ensure there are no service interruptions during your next upgrade.”

It would be great if you could produce a tutorial showing how to install and configure Elasticsearch form M2.3.

Thank you.


I never even saw that notice. I’m shocked. I feel like this is a big deal but don’t see any articles about it. I know that Elasticsearch support was being added to the Open Source 2.3 (already supported in Commerce). However, I don’t recall reading anywhere about the MySQL engine being deprecation at the same time as the support being added… :thinking:

To be honest, I don’t know a great deal about Elasticsearch, other than it’s an open source search engine built on Apache… Not sure what the benefits are. :confused:

I’ll have to do some more research into the why & how when I have some time. Luckily the Magento Documentation looks fairly straight forward.

If/when I cover this in a video, I’ll probably avoid going into depth with the SSL configuration and just stick with HTTP. It’s something that I’ve always avoided because there are far too many variables to cover. Plus, not everyone setting up Magento for the first time has an appropriate certificate to install anyway.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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