Setting up sample data

Hey there,
I’m having an issue with the sample data stuff
i want to change the pictures and i was able to change one picture
but when i got back on the next day, i cant find the spot where i change the pictures at

i was able to add this picture

but now i want to change the other pictures but for some reason
it doesnt show me where they are on the admin page
even i cant find my picture as well
im so confused
Help anybody?

also where in the code can i access each tab of the website ?
so i can see how to code is instead of using the admin page all the time
sorry im new to this and ive been looking for the code
im using the developer tool on google chrome but i want to see it on terminal instead

With the way that Magento is laid out, you won’t just find HTML and Images under Content > Pages.

You should also check both; Content > Widgets & Content > Blocks.

Content > Blocks also store HTML and Images, and they can be embedded onto selected pages on the website via the Widgets.

If you believe that you’re making the appropriate changes, but do not see your changes taking effect, then you may need to clear your cache (System > Tools > Cache Management).

You’ll find more on this topic in the Magento Documentation (Content Elements)

You’ll also find all of the Getting Started Documentation covered here, which is super-useful if you’re new to Magento.

If you also plan on building your own theme at any point, checkout Magento Documentation (Frontend Developer Guide).

I have looked everywhere you told me to look
but i still cant find any of that stuff on there
Where can i find the stuff highlighted in the red?
I know i saw it before thats why i was able to change the top picture with the ballons
but i cant find it anymore (this is on the womens page)

when i go to the pages tab on admin all i see is

when i go to catalog > categories , i click on the women tab then click content dropdown menu
i cant see any of those pictures that are displayed on the womens page but i can add photos
example: added the books but i dont want them there i want them to go under the balloons picture

im bad at explaining things so i do apologies in advance

As I mentioned, the contents of the HTML and Images that you refer to is in a block:

Content > Blocks

What you’ve shown me looks like a block called “Home Page Block”. Assuming, you’ve not changed the name.

Where the block is shown, is controlled by a widget:

Content > Widgets

You’ll have to look through the each of the widgets to determine the one that controls where the block is being displayed. By default, the aforementioned block is controlled by a widget named “Home Page”.

Obviously, if you’ve added or changed any of these default blocks or widgets, I won’t be able to tell you where the code is that you’re asking for.

You’ll find more on this topic in the Magento Documentation (Content Elements).

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