Magento 2.3 composer install error


Hi can anyone help with this error. Newbie, stuck on what to do. Done some reading and seems to be some commnets about Drupal and it being depreciated. So leaves me totally stuck.

Error when using composer to download and install Magneto 2.3 states
Package phpunit/phpunit-mock-objects is abandoned, you should avoid using it. No replacement was suggested.
Writing lock file
Generating autoload files

Hey @humbercomputers and welcome.

Don’t worry about the “phpunit/phpunit-mock-objects” message. It comes up a lot during Composer installations. The module still installed, the message is just a false-positive. If it failed, the message would clearly state that. You can just keep going with the tutorial :+1:

Hi Craig,
Thank you for the reply. Has it simply installed and just missed that component out. Or has it, as i thought hung and stopped installing the remainder of the components? If it is the the former great! If the latter how do i ensure the remaining components are installed?

Great tutorials by the way!

Hi there i can confirm that i was able to continue to install and now have Magento 2.3 set up. But…(my marketplace keys do not work) I dont know if this is linked to this issue or not. I will post a question in the magento marketplace post.

When you use composer, it installs all of the required dependencies and application needs in order for it to install. In this case, phpunit/phpunit-mock-objects was installed - But the message is just an FYI to say no-one works on it anymore. But that particular module doesn’t need any work doing to it. So, I guess you could call the message a false positive. If Composer failed for another reason, you would get a failed message.

That’s great :+1: You can just generate a new set of keys if you want. They would all link to the same Magento Account. Once you have your new keys, you can update them in the Web Setup Wizard (System Configuration) when you log into the backend.

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