Process extensions Status: Update application is running (Forever)

I noticed my stripe payment module was telling me there was an update. So I figured I should probably do that. My conflicting component dependencies check was going off one one again and denying me the installation. Which I thought was odd because I havent changed anything since I actually installed Stripe extension and it didn’t have a problem then? Looked through all my files to see what would be the problem, googled and most of the answers were change your user.ini and your .htacess to 2G. Mine was already set like that even though Magento still insists when I run the readiness check im using 2000M and I should use 2G (don’t know where its getting this information from?) anyway so I found this solution to change in the composer.json file to delete a section see here->

I didn’t fancy that, i havent got a clue what any of this stuff is but I figured it was probably important, someone said try changing it to from require-dev to require–no-dev, thought that would be an easy swap back if it hits the fan. And it worked - conflicting component dependencies check was happy and i started the update.

Problem is - its stuck and its not doing anything. I saw someone saying to kick it with a cron job - which i did and it worked and then it stopped again.

Its been coming up to 5 hours now. I can’t access front or back, should I wait longer? If so how long? When do I give up, can I give up now?

Ok woke up this morning to see this : Error in Update!
Please refer to documentation Doc link to perform manual rollback.

To attempt automatic rollback, please click the “Rollback” button.

So i did.

Can i get out of this?

Have a look through this topic. I think you’ll find some useful information relating to your post: Web Setup Wizard stuck after failed rollback

Thanks, that helped a lot. I disabled maintenance and went back into Wizard, it jumped back to where it was when it broke. Im going to give it one more go as im away from Magento today and I can leave it running. See what happends, if it stalls/brakes again ill try what you said about tricking the Wizard. Disable module - delete/reinstall. Funnily enough the problem in the other post was with a Stripe module as well - although the one im using is the free Stripe made by Stripe one on Marketplace not magenest

Hah no it died again, at least it did it quickly this time