Ultimo Parent theme creating a Sub-theme

Hi, i am new to magento. I reasantly installed Ultimo theme for my website. In the guide it is said that i should create a sub-theme but it is not explained how. Can you tell is it really nessesary and if it is why and how can i do it?
Thank you!

It isn’t necessary like it is not necessary to do backups :slight_smile: , however, I would do it and I recommend you to do it.

You will be able to customize the Ultimo theme not overwriting Ultimo theme code.
If you mess up the code in the Ultimo Child files you could simply delete the child-related files and your ultimo will work.
If you mess us Ultimo original code the site could break. In addition if in the future you decide to update Ultimo theme you need to remember that all your modification will be overwriten.

It is not difficult to create a sub-theme. You need to create a new directory call it “whatever - i.e. child” in app/design/frontend and add the files which you are modifying. You need to include a path to them too i.e. app/design/frontend/child/directory1/directory2/FileYouAreModifying.php

I’m sure Craig will explain you better why and how to do it.


Hi @AYankova and welcome.

@PawelP explained the reasoning behind it well. Creating a Child Theme is simple, but to help speed things along for you a little bit, you can download a copy of the Ultimo Child Theme below.

When you install and activate it, you won’t notice a difference between the Parent or Child theme. The Child theme sits on top of the Parent theme. Therefore, you can make changes to your theme by editing/adding the Child Theme files. If you edit the Parent theme directory, then you will lose all of your changes when you update the theme. Wordpress also uses the same concept.

Thank you for your answers. I will try to install and activate the child theme. To do that i just have to copy files from the child theme zip to


this directory Right?
Thank you again for you help!

Yes, you simply mimic the folder and file structure. For example:

Parent File
The Master/Core file that already exists, that you want to edit.


Child File
You’d copy the folder/file structure (and place within ultimo_child) and make changes to that file.


Therefore, if the Master file ever changes due to and update then you won’t lose anything. Plus, if you screw up the child files then you can easily grab another copy of the Master/Core file - Or simply delete the child file to remove all of your modifications.